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Dejan Knezevic - Lead vocals/Acoustic guitar

Mark Tomeo - Pedal Steel/Backing Vocals/Dobro

Brian Teille - Drums/Backing Vocals

David Yoder - Bass

Stephen Dietrich - Lead Guitar


Last Train to Juarez was formed in 2019 by Dejan Knezevic who up until that point, spent the majority of his life playing in metal bands in the Phoenix, AZ area.  The transition from metal to country occurred several years after Dejan discovered what he refers to as the modern outlaws of country music today. 


Artists like Jamey Johnson, Cody Jinks, Ward Davis, Billy Don Burns, Josh Morningstar, Hank 3 and others who break the mold of what many in the mainstream world today consider 'country music'.  After discovering these artists, it wasn't long before Dejan would change course and pursue a career in country music.  

Last Train to Juarez blends the old traditional sounds of country music with an edge that can be attributed to Dejan's history of playing in metal bands most his life.

A Last Train to Juarez show is packed with original music along with songs from artists that influenced Dejan's writing over the years.  The band is well equipped to handle showcase style gigs as well as 3 to 4 hour performances that will keep your guests entertained all night long.

The music from Last Train to Juarez will take the listeners on a dynamic ride with both highs and lows, dance songs, ballads and thought provoking authentic lyricism that comes from the soul.  

Dejan's vision for the project is simple.  To keep the music honest, authentic and real with no use of "Computer magic" to make them sound better.  This means no auto-tune, no backing tracks and no smoke and mirrors at all.  At a Last Train to Juarez show, everything you hear is being played LIVE and that authenticity is core to the what Dejan believes in.  


Last Train to Juarez currently plays about 150 shows per year and is ramping that up quickly with aggressive touring.  They have released an EP, Dirt & Stone as well as a full album, "Some Road" and there is a long pipeline of new material waiting to be recorded and released.  


Be on the look out!  New singles will be released soon!


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