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band members

Dejan Knezevic - Lead vocals/Acoustic guitar

Mark Tomeo - Pedal Steel/Backing Vocals/Dobro

Brian Teille - Drums/Backing Vocals

Stephen Dietrich - Lead Guitar

Jonathan Candler - Bass

Additional Players

Austin Brooks - Fiddle/Mandolin


Last Train to Juarez breaks the mold from what most consider "country" music today.  Their music blends the old traditional sounds of country music with an edge that can be attributed to Dejan's and Brian's history of playing in metal bands most their life.

A Last Train to Juarez show is packed with both original music along with some cover songs from artists that influenced Dejan's writing over the years.  The band is well equipped to handle showcase style gigs as well as 3 to 4 hour performances that will keep your guests entertained all night long.

The music from Last Train to Juarez will take the listeners on a dynamic ride with both highs and lows, dance songs, ballads and thought provoking authentic lyricism that comes from the soul.  

The band is tour ready and able to provide a full P.A. system with quality sound.  

If you are looking for an authentic country band for your event(s), Last Train to Juarez is the band you want!





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